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Premana. Sanelli+Galvanica

Premana, Italy

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Architectural Concept. Sanelli 


The project intervention is based upon criteria that foresee the joining of two different styles of architecture, one that is historic (typical for Premana) and the other contemporary (content). Both structures preserve their formal autonomy and establish a dialogue among contrasting elements.

The outer walls of the original building, century industrial warehouse, will be maintained, while the new volume remains completely contained within the interior of the building without emerging past its perimeter walls, as an explicit presence and past of the building.  

The volumetric aspect of the project is inspired by the presence of metal industry in the village, proposal of metal, masonry and wooden elements refers to the historical heritage of the city, glazing – to the modern development, also helping to broaden the narrow paths visually.


•  The residential part of the Sanelli building becomes a hotel with single-, twin- and double-rooms including bathrooms for each one and the common space in each floor of the hotel.

•  The first floor – lobby for the hotel

•  The ground floor becomes a restaurant available for 38 guests at the same time;

•  The -1st floor – fully-glazed gallery that could be easily converted into a place for temporary exhibitions or a conference room for big events;

•  The -2nd floor – craft school with a conference room.


Architectural Concept. Galvanica


Creating a visual dialog between two tourist attractions: Sanelli and Galvanica through the construction of a bridge we continue the main topic of the project – contrasting elements together with traditional theme of the village.

The building of Galvanica, a previous chemical laboratory, now becomes a touristic center with café and information point inside. With presence of a big hall, it can also host temporary exhibitions or to be converted into a showroom of the local production.

Below the building there is a broad cantilevered pathway where tourists as well as local people can enjoy the view of the valley.

Structure of the building will be maintained, with proposal of changing the roof into a flat one and converting a southern wall into a glazing. As a shading system we used the metal structure for the first floor, and cantilever – for the ground floor.

For enhancing energy performance of the building we propose the PV-panels placed on the inclined roof facing the south.

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