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Yulia Pyanzina is an architect, interior and product designer, mainly dealing with the design of residential and commercial spaces and product design (furniture and lighting elements). In her work as an interior designer, Yulia sees her mission as interpreting the needs and desires of the client, designing and creating spaces and environments that reflect them, optimizing every single centimeter of available surface, taking into consideration all the technical aspects and designing together with professionals the electrical and plumbing systems, the different lighting scenarios. Yulia has vast experience in designing custom-made furniture, often multifunctional which acts as a containing, decorative or dividing element.


Born in 1988 in Russia, Yulia studied painting, sculpture and drawing from an early age. In 2011 she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Volga State University of Technology, from where she graduates with honors in architectural design.


In 2012 Yulia wins a scholarship to continue her studies in Italy, she entered the Polytechnic University of Milan, where in 2014 she obtained a master's degree in architectural design (gold scholarship).


From 2014 to 2016 she collaborated with various design studios in Northern Italy.

In 2016 Yulia opened her workshop on Lake Maggiore and works on both residential and commercial projects and product design.

In her design style Yulia sets ambitious objectives that start from understanding the client's habits and needs, his way of experiencing the environment and his aesthetic tastes to create unique, functional and dynamic environments.

In her work Yulia establishes harmony and spontaneity to obtain a sensorial and emotional impact from balanced elements.

Among her most ambitious projects Yulia names a private residence on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore in Italian-Scandinavian style, a choice made in recognition of the life and experience of the client, an Italian who lives and works in Copenhagen. The project was chosen and published in the magazine "Casa Facile" in August 2023.

Yulia designs and follows projects in various regions of Italy but also abroad (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monte Carlo, Russia)



In June 2022 she wins the “Let's Design contest” held by Cosentino together with the interior designer Silvana Barbato in the Outdoor category with the project "Arch", a modular lamp made of Dekton. The victory was followed by publications in important design and architecture magazines such as "Domus", "Elle Decor" and "Io Arch".

In 2023 I took part again in the Cosentino competition once again and was chosen the winner in the "Yachting" category with the project of the multifunctional table "Desideria"

According to Yulia, the world of interior design is moving towards the total customization of the project, she believes that each object must communicate with the others through sensorial, emotional and above all personal experiences.


Yulia takes particular care in the choice of materials, those that are certainly setting and will set the trend are the materials with a story to tell (stones, precious woods, glass), material finishes (special processes, coarse-grained fabrics). Through personalized processing her projects not only meet the taste of the client, but gets up to the experience and emotional sphere of the individual.

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