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Museum and School of Fashion

Milan, Italy


Being located between the old part of the city and the newly-built Fashion City the idea of the MOdAM project was to create the visual and comfortable connection from the Podium to the Library of Trees – the chain of public parks of Porta Nuova. Strategically important location makes MOdAM the core of public, pedestrian and vehicle transportation. Designing the piazza within the building helps us to create a symbolic gate leading from the civilization to Giardino Centrale. The City of Fashion will be connected with the MOdAM with a special bridge built to overcome the height difference. Expand the role of the bridge to the MOdaM as a catwalk in promoting and providing fashion-oriented programs. There is also the amphitheater on the west side of the bridge designed using the slope for spectators to watch the shows. Despite the fact that Museum and School of Fashion are combined within the same building, they have visual separation into two parts – the school on the west part and the museum – on the east part of the building. Moreover they have common facilities such as library and multipurpose room comfortably accessible for both sides situated inside the so-called bridge uniting two parts above the piazza. There will be the 200 2 m void above the piazza going through the whole building. Around the void the project contains the stairs which creates the “concrete core” of the common part of the MOdAM helping to provide constructions for covering the area.

Location of the School of Fashion was chosen considering the lighting during the day as well as distribution of facilities within it, also we put the school closer to the core of transportation such as Garibaldi station and entrances of metro lines to create convenient access for students. The museum galleries are designed on the first and second floors where we come through the spacious loft on the ground floor. Both offices are located on the underground floor having the individual entrance for the staff.

To proceed the topic of Fashion city the material used are steel, polycarbonate, glass for curtain walls and reinforced concrete. The construction scheme is designed with the use of reticular beams supported by V-columns. The beams are supported with a second order of alveolar beams, repeated in the transversal way each 5 meters, which support the roof. This structure repeats until the "concrete nucleus" of elevators and stairs that we use to attach the beam as if it was a central big column. For the central part we used three big reticular beams which take both floors to solve the big span. For the school part the design of constructions contains reticular beams, columns and alveolar beams repeated which cover all the area.

The project also considers the sustainability and the attempts for achieving zeroemission such as the internal ventilation air, geothermal using of energy, photovoltaic ventilated facade on the south and on the roof, and water recycling system.

For movement within the building we designed the ramps as well as stairs and elevators in the strategically important points. 

Illumination is provided by natural lighting through windows in the classrooms and studying facilities, the main glazed void under the library and voids under the galleries.

Numerical data:

School :

-1 floor: 750 m2

0 floor: 750 m2

1 floor: 680 m2

2 floor: 1150 m2

3 floor: 1850 m2

4 floor: 1850 m2


-1 floor: 1250 m2

2 floor: 750 m2

0 floor: 750 m2

1 floor: 750 m2

2 floor: 750 m2

3 floor: 1500 m2

4 floor: 1500 m2

Total square – 14280 m2

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