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Giardini di Porta Nuova

Milan, Italy


The project area is located in a strategic node in the city of Milan. Several relevant transformations and projects are taking place in the area of Porta Garibaldi. The area is bounded generally by Via Melchiore Gioia to the east, Viale della Liberazione, Via Filippo Sassetti to the north, Via Gaetano di Castillia to the west.

The study area is highly diverse, although there are consistent character areas within it. There is a full range of housing types, from small dwellings to large buildings of City of Fashion. There are also office buildings located along Via Melchiore Gioia and Viale della Liberazione.

Study area is located in the central section of the City of Milan ranging from 3 kilometres to Piazza Duomo, the heart on the city; the main railway station of the city Centrale F.S. is about 1.5 kilometres to the east; Stazione Garibaldi is situated within the walking distance from the site . Centrale and Garibaldi Stations are important transport nodes which are heavily patronised by university students, residents and workers.

The study area is well served by public transport with two metro stations within (M2 and newly-built M5) as well as multiple bus and tram routes. The proximity to the city center, offers many benefits to the diverse population of residents, students and workers. Giardini of Porta Nuova can become a prominent green heart of the City.

The proposals underline the strategic importance of the area as the gate to the City of Fashion, with the potential to both service and be serviced by the city's physical, economic and social infrastructure.

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