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Conservation Project of Villa Manzoni

Lecco, Italy


Villa Manzoni locates in district Caleoto, Lecco; it was the residence of the family of Alessandro Manzoni since 1612. It has now been set up as Civico Museo Manzoniano, together with chapel and wineries. [1]Certainly being one heritage building of one of the greatest novelist in the country, Villa Manzoni plays an important role on contributing to the community, regarding subjects of culture, history, architecture and etc.


The site has been restored in the past, and is now facing a new conservation phrase. Several problems were provided by the customers, including degradation and damage on the building façade and interiors, an urge to acquire a new space structural space for visitors, historic archive and library, as well the re-planning of mechanical facilities and safety issues.


Two site-visits have been carried out from Group 5 to experience and collect geometry and photographical data for further study. According to the realistic problems and given requirements mentioned above, the main goals of our conservation works are shown as below:


  • To comprehend the geometrical survey and materials/damages mapping  

  • To build up a better accessibility from outside and inside the villa (pedestrians, ramps for disable wheels, signage)

  • To create a better visit connectivity in the site

  • To create new functions of empty spaces for social use

  • To adjust accurately the existing space into a better functional space (bigger conference room, resting shutters, library, toilets)

  • To produce a sustainable solutions for the building technological issues with full safety concerns

  • To conserve and intervene the façade and interior elements (vegetation growth, damage and degradation on columns and walls, etc)

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