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Residential Complex 'Aspen Grove'

Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

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This quarter holds an important position in the general plan of the city, representing not yet designed area of ​​residential development within the boundaries of designated Leninsky Prospekt, Kirov Street, Voinov-internationalistov and Karl Liebknecht streets, the district "Aspen Grove" has always attracted the attention of architects and builders. Quiet and not crowded area is an ideal place for housing. Within a radius of 300 m we can find the garage cooperative, minimarket, supermarket, school, kindergarten, parking.

The existing wooden housing, developed in conditions of intensive growth of the city in the post-war period of the last century is in dangerously poor condition and is destined to be demolished as well as the existing kindergarten, whichis going to be replaced with a new one.

Today, the quarter is under active construction of public and residential buildings, planned to organize the park for walking, with its axis passing in Sergei Chavain Boulevard  that will significantly improve the structure of the pedestrian roads of the quarter. New buildings are residential and public houses with improved planning, designed for the emerging "middle class" population.

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